Management of Rustic Estates

Gestión de Fincas Rústicas
Gestión de Fincas Rústicas

Management of Rustic Estates

Studies agree to the profile of every owner, the best alternative crop, depending upon the level of risk they wish to adopt. We plan in the medium and long term, for the attainment of concrete goals.

To reach minimum levels of profitability in general, It is essential to understand that a change in general management models that have been present so far in the Spanish countryside and modernization or adaptation of the agricultural developments.

The premise of management will be, that of having a strong control of fixed costs to be able to resist better the bad times as well as of the variable costs of the cultures to be more competitive. The rationalization of the fixed personnel of the estates, the work reports of the personnel to be able to optimize the machinery performances and exercise strong control over different imputs we worker so as to decrease production costs will be the cornerstone of our policy management.

The activities included in the management of the estate are:

  • Crop Planning.
  • Planning and management of purchasing imputs.
  • Introduction of job orders, machinery and treatments.

Later, computerization in farm management software for further processing and analysis.

Staff supervision and Control of the tasks.

  • Evaluation of alternatives in production.
  • Control of production, involving the relevant technical aspects; Soil preparation, seeding, weed control, diseases and pests, solvents, pruning and harvesting. Introducing the necessary measures to regulate and apply exactly the imputs required (labor, fertilizers, herbicides….).
  • Management P.A.C. and the usual documentation in the development of daily activities. (Includes notebook mandatory for the collection of aid field and completing the mandatory compliance both for the collection of aid.
  • Sales Management of production.
  • Keeping the Field Notebook.
  • Management investment aid.